Flix TV APK 4.3 | Download latest version for Android 2020

The Internet has opened up a lot of opportunities for media consumers around the world. If you watch a lot of movies, TV shows, web series, and other content online, then you have plenty of portals available in the web market. However, you have to pay for the premium media content and you cannot access them for free because there are some restrictions to it. We cannot blame the network for adding restrictions because they have a production house to pay and continue working on similar projects. We have a source that allows the new visitors to check out the media content online without paying a single penny.

What is Flix tv?

FLIX TV is an Android app and web application that is designed for online media consumers to watch the latest Shows, Series, Movies, and Videos. You can access premium content on the platform and you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. New visitors have to create a free account on the platform to start using the services but you don’t have to input Credit Card details.

The platform does not have subscription-based services and you don’t have to pay for it as well. In short, it is a free platform that lets you watch the latest releases in the world. We are going to look into the web application and Android app, so we know what we are dealing with and confirm, whether it is worth checking out.

Download Flix tv latest version 2020

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Features of Flix tv :-

1 – Live tv

Live TV is a popular search in the world because the majority of modern users don’t prefer to sit in front of the TV and watch channels anymore. Of course, you cannot watch all the live channels in the world because they are not available anywhere. The portal collects information on the on-demand Live TV channels and puts them in the library, so you can watch them. If you are looking for a channel that is not available on the internet, then it won’t make it on the list of FLIX TV.

Indian Channels:

You have plenty of Indian channels available on the platform like ZEE, Sony, Star, India Today, &TV, and more. In short, you can check out on-going daily soap operas on the platform free of cost.

News Channels:

You can check out Indian-based news channels like News J, Zee News, India Today, Network 10, Argus News, and more. Most of the news channels use the Hindi language, so if you are someone that doesn’t understand the native language, and then it is completely useless for you.

Movie Channels:

It isn’t surprising but you have many Indian-based movie channels like &Pictures, Sony Max, Star Movies, Zee Cinema, etc.However, we could not find English channels, which are a bummer, but we cannot ask for more.

Wild Life & Sports:

We did a little research and found these channels on the list and they are Discovery, Animal Planet, Sony Sports, ESPN Sports, Star Sports, Ten Sports, Sony Pix, etc. Overall, we don’t think that you need additional sources to view sports & wildlife. Discovery & Animal Planet are global channels, so you don’t have to pay a single penny for the service.
Most of the viewers would love it but we don’t think you can enjoy English popular channels as they are available on the platform. However, this is an incredible platform for Hindi-oriented media consumers because they have the majority of the popular channels on the base. They are free-to-watch and you can access them in better quality.

2 – Movies library

New movies are the most demanded video content in the world and FLIX TV brought a new movies library to the world. We have gone through the entire section to understand what they are providing to the world and you can take your time to watch tons of the latest movies. However, you won’t find newly released movies that are in theatres.Don’t think you will find them all but there are a few movies available that are in theatres like The Kid Detective (HDCAM).

You can watch the latest releases like The Trial of the Chicago 7, The Rising Hawk, The Green Mile, Don’t Look Back, Love and Monsters, The Red Sea Diving Resort, etc. We are happy to inform you that most of the movies are available in Hindi & English languages, but it would not be surprising to know that subtitles are not available in all of them.

We want to tell you that most of the movies are not available to watch due to copyright issues, but you can download them in local storage. Allow us to guide you through the process and help you understand the process.

Step 1: Go to the official FLIX PLAY TV website and then click on “Movies” to continue.
Step 2: Find the movie that you want to watch and click on it to continue.
Step 3:You can download the movie in two resolutions and they are 720p and 1080p. Click on the cloud icon to download the video file in the local storage.
Step 4: We have to say that the servers are slightly slower in our opinion because we were getting 20% download speed only. It is not a major problem because the file size is less than 4GB and it should be downloaded within 20 minutes.

We are happy to tell you that you can download most of the video content from the platform and watch them. Allow us to confirm that the video player also downloads the video content from the server and then let you watch it.

3 – Series

Many production houses are focusing on web series because they have seasons and millions of viewers loving it. It is a small investment and they are gaining a lot of money out of it. The audience loves it because they are based on an short-interesting story and most of them have strong messages at the end of the screen.

Viewers can watch a lot of web series like Riverdale, Comicstaan, Doctor Who, Grand Army, Leila, etc. We have lost the count because there are so many popular shows available on the platform. We want to confirm that you cannot watch it on the website or app. However, you can download each episode separately and it works flawlessly. We want to point out that they have slow servers but each file size is less than 500MB, so it won’t take long to save in the local storage. You can refer to the previous small guide for you to follow it and download each episode.

4 – Netflix and amazon prime

We have downloaded a few series, movies, and content that is launched on Netflix & Amazon Prime. You can take Leila TV Series (2019) for instance and it is available on Netflix only and you cannot find it anywhere else. The Indian-based English language series has two seasons and it is a popular series that has 8.9 ratings out of 10. You cannot watch them all but you can download them in the local storage, which takes less than 500MB and that’s the good part about it.

5 – Android App & Web Application

The service is available on the website and Android app, and you can access the services using both platforms.

The Android app is not working properly and we recommend you stick to the web application. The FLIX TV Android app crashed on our emulator, but you can download it on the phone. However, you have to understand that it is not available on the Play Store, and there is one app available on the Play Store, but it doesn’t work. The Google Play Store app has 3.0 ratings because it doesn’t work.

We have conducted the test on a web application or website, and it works beautifully in the browser. You have to create a free account on the official website and then verify the account later. There is a bug in the website, where you will get an “Incorrect Password” error frequently. We have created a new account using random details and access it without email address confirmation. The session will expire after 20 minutes of usage and then you have to create a new account using random details to download the content.

Check out FLIX TV:  You can download the Android APK app and access the web-application websites.

Why FLIX TV is available on the Play Store?

Do not confuse yourself with FLIX TV available on the Play Store because that’s a knock-off version, which is taking the opportunity of the popularity and missing app. It’s a fake app, so do not download it from Google Play Store.

a) FLIX TV directly violates international copyright laws.
b) Google implemented strict copyright laws, so they cannot get approval.
c) The app might have a virus, malware, or some form of threat.
d) FLIX TV did not acquire any media license to provide the content in public and that’s the biggest violation.

We have uploaded the APK file in Virus Total to confirm that it does not contain any sort of threat.Virus Total web tool could not detect any FLIX TV Android app and it is safe to assume that it is safe.

Bottom Line:-

FLIX TV works and that’s all we have to know about it. Live TV did not work during our review, but we downloaded the movies, series, and others. The quality output is HD and the 1080p quality is superior in many ways and we loved watching the latest movies in Full HD 1080p resolution. Let us know what do you think about FLIX TV Android app & web-application in the comment section below.

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