How to download and install Viva tv apk in firesticks ?

After a tough week at work, you would love to have a chill and carefree weekend. But you still have an amazing Friday night yet to spend. One of the best ways to spend a Friday night is to watch a great movie under a comfy blanket on the soft sofa. Having an amazing Having an amazing 4K TV and a superb sound system just increases your experience more than you can expect. It just feels like a movie theatre if you close your curtain and make the room dark.

Problem with some people is that sometimes even though they have a large screen TV and a good sound system but they don’t have an app to stream movies and shows on it. If you are one of them, Viva TV for Firestick will help fix you this problem of yours.

What’s so special about Viva TV for Firestick?

This question might arise in your head. Well, with Viva tv, you get access to a huge collection of movies and TV shows. This collection contains movies and TV shows from all genres such as crime, thriller, science fiction and more. Don’t worry about new movies or TV shows, even they get added to the collection in no time. You will receive high-quality content from Viva TV including HD and 4K.

How to Download Viva TV for Firestick/ Fire TV ?

This is a fairly easy task to do so don’t worry just follow the guide and by the end of it, you will be able to use Viva TV.


    1. You will need to enable some permissions to install Viva TV. It is safe to do this. You need to create a developer profile. You can do this from settings.
      Step 1
  1. Go to settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Enable Apps from unknown sources. 
  2. Now, we need to get the Downloader App from the Fire TV App Store. We will require it to download Viva TV.  
  3. You also need to enable the Javascript for browsers for downloading the Viva TV app. Enable it from the Downloader App’s settings.Also, download and install a file explorer since we are going to need it anyways. 
  4. Download Viva TV apk file. Copy the link [ ] and paste it on the search bar of Downloader AppSearch and the download page will now load. Look for the download button and download the apk file. Now, you have downloaded the apk file.


How to install Viva TV apk on Firestick?

After the downloading part, the installation process doesn’t take a long time.

  • Locate the downloaded apk file using the file explorer we installed earlier and select the Viva TV apk file to start installing it.
  • Follow the steps and it will be installed and ready to use instantly.

That’s it now enjoy Viva TV on your Firestick for free,

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